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Pretty In Pink

I saw this pink dragonfly at McKinney State Park a few months ago when we were new in town and was amazed by its color. It was the first time I’ve seen a dragonfly in my favorite color. I’ve sighted it many times since and it still amazes me. It’s just so pretty, in pink. I later learned that it’s a Roseate Skimmer.


“The Roseate Skimmer (Orthemis ferruginea) is a common southern dragonfly. The male of the species has a rose pink and red/maroon colored abdomen. Females of the species have orange-brown abdomens with clear orangish veins and a brownish thorax with a light stripe down back. The young have a bright pinkish or purple abdomen and when they are mature adults their thorax will develop a pale bluish tint.”



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  1. I’m totally amazed by what I see…
    A pink dragonfly!
    I’ve never ever seen one before.
    I’ve seen blue ones, black, red, green, orange… but never before pink!



Thanks for coming by today and for your kind words. I will visit you as soon as I can. Have a fantastic day and don't forget to smile. ~ Shey

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