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Hornsby Bend Bird Walk


We had an early morning bird walk at Hornsby Bend today. It was a little foggy with overcast skies but we were still optimistic. We stayed close to the Center for Environmental Research building for the first few hours in case it rained.

Hornsby Bend is a 1,200-acre site in southeast Austin, managed by the Austin Water Utility where wastewater is treated, returned and recycled. “The sewage treatment plant is managed to encourage wildlife and because of the diversity of habitats at the site stretching along 3.5 miles of the Colorado River. One measure of this biodiversity is that Hornsby Bend is nationally known as one of the best birding sites in Texas – harboring over 370 species of birds and an abundance of other wildlife which is monitored through the CER’s citizen science programs and university researchers.”

It didn’t rain yet about 9 o’clock, so we carpooled and drove around the ponds. Our birding was cut short 30 minutes later when the cold front descended on us and the temperature dropped abruptly from the 70s to 50s. Despite the weather conditions, we saw a total of 38 species due to the efforts of our amazing team leaders, Shelia Hargis & Laurie Foss, and the rest of the group.

Hornsby Bend, Travis, US-TX
Mar 2, 2014 7:35 AM – 10:15 AM
Protocol: Traveling 2.5 mile(s)
38 species (+1 other taxa)

Gadwall 50, Blue-winged Teal 1, Northern Shoveler 150, Green-winged Teal 20, Ruddy Duck 2, Black Vulture 30, Turkey Vulture 3, Red-shouldered Hawk 2, Red-tailed Hawk 2, American Coot 20, Killdeer 10, Least Sandpiper 30, Wilson’s Snipe 1, Ring-billed Gull 20, Mourning Dove 7, Red-bellied Woodpecker 1, Crested Caracara 4, American Kestrel 1, Eastern Phoebe 1, Vermilion Flycatcher 1, Loggerhead Shrike 2, Northern Rough-winged Swallow 2, Purple Martin 25, Carolina Chickadee 1, Tufted x Black-crested Titmouse (hybrid) 2, Carolina Wren 2, Eastern Bluebird 3, Northern Mockingbird 2, European Starling 10, Cedar Waxwing 1, Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle) 8, Chipping Sparrow 8, Savannah Sparrow 5, Lincoln’s Sparrow 1, Northern Cardinal 10, Red-winged Blackbird 200, Great-tailed Grackle 12, House Finch 10, & House Sparrow 3.

Linking to Our World Tuesday, & I’d Rather B Birdin.


Male & female purple martin.


Crested caracara.

Click on photos for a larger view.


Red-shouldered hawk.


Male & female Eastern bluebird.


Female Eastern bluebird.


Male Eastern bluebird.


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  1. LOVE all these you saw Shey! Especially the blue birds…I have yet to spot any of that kind here in south Texas.
    We’ve had some odd winter weather here in our state this year, haven’t we?
    It’s nice to see you link up once again!!

  2. I love bluebirds. We have had several use the houses my husband has built for them. Unfortunately they are seasonal here in Upper Michigan and I doubt we will see them any time soon as we still have a few feet of snow and our temps are still sub zero. Minus 30 this morning. Hard to believe it’s March,
    ‘hugs from afar’

Thanks for coming by today and for your kind words. I will visit you as soon as I can. Have a fantastic day and don't forget to smile. ~ Shey

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