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Birds, Blooms & More



We’re lucky to have an ornamental pear tree right by our balcony which changes color during fall and have blooms around the second week of March. It encourages a lot of birds to come by our feeders and perch in its branches. One of my favorite pastime is birdwatching at our balcony when the tree is in bloom. The blooms only last about three weeks, so I try to photograph as many birds and critters as I can.

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Here are the latest cooperative subjects:


Female House Sparrow



Tufted x Black-crested Titmouse (hybrid)


Male House Sparrow


Male House Finch


White-winged Dove


Male Northern Cardinal


Ruby-crowned Kinglet


Carolina Chickadee


Click on thumbnails to view larger image.


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  1. Awesome pics! It seems like this covers a wide range of time, from fall to the next spring. You’ve got some great pics of beautiful birds (and the squirrel is cute). I love all your pics! 🙂

  2. Your images just sparkle with the magic of the moment Shey – simply refreshing – and always peacefully inspiring 🙂

  3. It’s a lovely tree Shey. I’ll bet the number and species of birds vary quite markedly with the changing of the seasons and the tree’s appearance? Lovely to see your pear blossom and looking in our garden this week I can see the begnnings of damson blossom – hooray.

  4. Oh how lovely. The blossoms are so pretty and seeing all the birds nestling in the branches was just delightful. I know sparrows are pretty common birds but I think your shots of them are really sweet.

Thanks for coming by today and for your kind words. I will visit you as soon as I can. Have a fantastic day and don't forget to smile. ~ Shey

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