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I always loved watching hummingbirds but I didn’t do any serious birding until I saw the male painted bunting when we moved here in Austin. It’s the most beautiful bird I’ve seen in my life and that started my passion for birding.

Last weekend, we went to Pedernales Falls State Park to see if they’ve come back. We were not disappointed when we saw painted buntings, especially the male. Here’s the male taking a bath and posing for us in all its splendor. 🙂


“The Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris) is a species of bird in the Cardinal family, Cardinalidae, that is native to North America. The male Painted Bunting is often described as the most beautiful bird in North America. Its colors, dark blue head, green back, red rump, and underparts, make it extremely easy to identify, but it can still be difficult to spot since it often skulks in foliage even when it is singing. The plumage of female and juvenile Painted Buntings are green and yellow-green, serving as camouflage. Once seen, the adult female is still distinctive, since it is one of the only truly green birds native to the United States.”






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  1. Just awesome – and thank you for all the great info — I’m learning so much and the images, as usual, are brilliant. Considering your subjects aren’t necessarily the easiest for portraits, you do such a wonderful job of capturing them in the moment, as their spirits and souls are – in essence. Love your contributions Shey!

  2. Absolutely wonderful shots of the painted bunting, one of my absolute favorite birds! We used to live outside Giddings and our daughter and son-in-law lived for a while in Austin, so you are in familiar territory for me!

Thanks for coming by today and for your kind words. I will visit you as soon as I can. Have a fantastic day and don't forget to smile. ~ Shey

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