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Eastern Bluebird


“The eastern bluebird (Sialia sialis) is a small bird found in open woodlands, farmlands, and orchards. This species measures 16–21 cm long, spans 25–32 cm across the wings, and weighs 0.95–1.20 oz. They are very social birds and gather in flocks of a hundred or more. However, they are territorial during the breeding season and may continue to defend a feeding area throughout the winter. Mating occurs in the spring and summer. A mature female typically raises two broods each season. Nests are constructed in trees within abandoned woodpecker holes or other cavities that provide adequate protection (usually several feet above ground). Construction of the nest is done primarily by the female and takes around 10 days to complete. These nests are small, cup-like structures lined with grass, feathers, stems, and hairs. Each female lays three to seven light-blue or, rarely, white eggs.”



Taken on 02.08.2015 at Onion Creek Park in Austin, TX.


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  1. A lovely bird to photograph. Wish we had Bluebirds in the UK. When I see pictures of them I always think of the lovely song by Anne Murray.

    • Thanks Phil. Wish we had some of your UK birds here too. Maybe I get to travel there in the future and see the birds you’ve been posting. For now, I’ll just admire them from afar. 🙂

  2. Beautiful bluebird shots! I used to enjoy getting into Austin when we lived not far away. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my last couple of posts!

Thanks for coming by today and for your kind words. I will visit you as soon as I can. Have a fantastic day and don't forget to smile. ~ Shey

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